Fedi, I'm seeking a blog system that isn't WordPress, store its stuff in markdown files, and is really easy for newbs

I also need to embed an easily editable calendar of events, self hosted.

Ty, boost appreciated.

Well I think I will choose ghost, thanks for all your suggestions.

Now I need to embed events/calendars, in a easy way, but having a separated website isn't a big issue.
Self hosting is really something I care about.

And no, I don't want to host calendars or stuff like that, I just want an easy to look at calendar "widget" where (when identified) people can add event to it, like "birthday of Patrick".

Boost appreciated (since the first post is kinda obscure)

@Miaourt I'd say gopher buut
no markdown in gopher, or calendars

@Miaourt I liked something called "Ghost". It's extendable if you put some elbow grease into it. You can probably find a way to get calendar stuff in. I mainly like the "apps" they provide for authoring; and the fact that multiple authors are supported out of the box.

@Miaourt Grav is pretty good, but I don't know how easy it is : ^^

I mean, you can do basic things without difficulties, but if you want to do more you'll need to learn the docs or think like a dev.

@HgO j'avais lu betterave à la place de getgrav 😅

@Miaourt Sounds like what we developed for our needs at @42l...

Not sure if it supports markdown well, but did you check out Plume and ? Those are federated.

@Miaourt Hugo is the best static website generator imo, but there are a few variations of these

@Miaourt How newbie and how easy? Are we talking "I'd rather not use commands" or "the console terrifies me and that's a cupholder"?

@Miaourt - I'm having a good time using I've also loved using Ghost, especially as a headless CMS.

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