@Miaourt Do you have a Tenshi sticker? That would go extra well with it?

@ilovecomputers @Miaourt in our Texas state fair, we have deep fried butter, deep fried coke, deep fried pickles, deep friend pbj sandwiches and more... its madness

@prydt @Miaourt same at Cali fairs. I mean, why else would one go to a state fair lol

@ilovecomputers @Miaourt just funnel cake... i hate everything about the fair except funnel cake

@Miaourt Thanks. I learned "I had to" phrase from this toot. I'll use it in my life.

@Miaourt Pfffffffffff.

You need to get out of Commiefornia and come to the midwest. We deep fry EVERYTHING and then MOUNT THEM ON STICKS.

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