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Most of my posts are in "follower only" mode, I have my reasons for that, don't feel threatened or sidelined by me when I do that.

I'm the only one seeing some yaoi materials there ?

When you forgot the keep down the alt key while resizing

Little downtime, patching http/2 vulnerability on niu :3

Quick hackers, you have 10sec !

N’empêche, les navigateurs, c'est de gauche, non ?

So now you can look at the score but keep in mind that universities with a similar system than French ones (and ofc French ones) are on the top 100 with almost half their score lol

TIL that the "top university worldwide ranking" by the Jiao Tong University of Shangai, the one that get quoted everywhere and closely watched, isn't really fair with our baguette universities 😤

The ranking is made with Nobel / Fields prizes, and number of quoted articles.

Since France's universities cooperate a lot with CNRS, our national research institute, half the benefit of the are split between the university and CNRS.

But since CNRS isn't an university, half of the score vanish lol

Someone asked me to stop so there is some slav vibe

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