Can someone tell me if they know researchs about "electronic but with only easy to obtain materials"?

Like only silicium/common metals/easily recyclable stuff...

Interested to know how a tiny community can fulfill its electronics needs without relying on big international imports (sort of impossible if you're an individual / without relying on a big company)

Boost? :3

Visited 42 US, quite a nice school indeed :3

Well I think I will choose ghost, thanks for all your suggestions.

Now I need to embed events/calendars, in a easy way, but having a separated website isn't a big issue.
Self hosting is really something I care about.

And no, I don't want to host calendars or stuff like that, I just want an easy to look at calendar "widget" where (when identified) people can add event to it, like "birthday of Patrick".

Boost appreciated (since the first post is kinda obscure)

Fedi, I'm seeking a blog system that isn't WordPress, store its stuff in markdown files, and is really easy for newbs

I also need to embed an easily editable calendar of events, self hosted.

Ty, boost appreciated.

Reminder that France's big fortunes "giving" money is just them tax-avoiding (since donations are free of taxes) and receiving praise for something they would have given anyway.

Especially in this current "contest" of donations with Notre-Dame.

What I'm hoping now is that we will not rebuild it "like it was before".

It would still take decades of tinkering and engineering, but having a 21th century "patch" would be awesome, like Le Louvre's pyramid.

So uh Notre-Dame de Paris burned a bit afaik

Nice to see it's still up and stronk

Gosh this building is like 700 years olds, and construction started in 1100 to be finished in 1300...

Decades of rebuild will be needed oof

Even if not catholic it's a big stuff of humanity I guess, some sort of "how about humanity built a big stuff in 300 years only bc they believed in it"

Still, I wouldn't want to be the company that started the fire by accident while working on it... :blobcatglaredrink:

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