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Mwahaha new profile pic by @kaerhon !!

Kinda change from my animu avi but let's try other things è_é

Ok they fixed the tabs drawers in Firefox Fenix, it doesn't close when trying to scroll back...

I kinda like it now uwu also this mobile browser is sooooo much better than Firefox Fennec (old Firefox for Android) or even Chrome that's sick :blobheart:

I suggest yall Android users to try to grab Firefox Beta from Play/Aurora store, install uBlock origin on it, and enjoy :blob3c:

There is also a "bad" way of doing it imho :

not updating the link we reached

Example, this is an article about Coronavirus and anticapitalism, but I can make the URL look like anything, and it will stay this way x'D

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I think Amazon's way of doing URL (and later Discourse, and surely other services too) is neat

domain.tld/articles/<whateveryouwant, it doesn't matter and can be updated freely>/<articleID>

Allow cool looking links (short, or descriptive), updating them if you edit the content, etc...


No more robot avi :blobsweats: :blobsweats:

(yes I'm kinda ranting because I can't even watch one pic without waiting 10min lol)

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Why we shouldn't overly compress medias on fedi social network :

- allowing low bandwith mode -

we could use a media proxy instead of serving pre-compressed stuff, the media proxy would on-the-fly generated size based on the arguments passed in the url, so we would get tiny version if needed, or original one :blobcatgoogly:

Kinda like but we could selfhost it, there is many libre implementations of this already available on the net lol

So to reply to everyone wondering why I'm shitposting about docker being deprecated : Docker' Inc and Docker-ce / Docker-ee aren't really kicking like Kubernetes and stuff in companies, the stuff still run as "root only", and other little nitpicks I had

Yet, the compoments borns out of the projects are kinda thriving today, and well maintained, but mostly because they're now used in other containers engines :blobcatshrug:

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So, do I use Fedora for next personal server

I just need a "simple" container engine (aka Docker + Docker-compose) but Docker's seems so /deprecated/, and podman seems just to fit in but mmmmh 12 months support time only aaa

Mastodon's webui use half the memory, is also done with react, and is imho as intensive than a mail client :blobthonkang:

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For their defence the beta 4.0 version use pretty much the same amount, but might get improvements I guess ?

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yesterday : everything works fine now in GNOME
today : hey, everything is hanging for no reasons at all, and take ages to updates


I mean look at this chonk

Ex-CERN works I presume :blobsmirk:

I really need to move from it :blobweary:

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Tfw protonmail's webapp consume more ram and cpu than discord's webapp

*naming all my devices with 4 letters since 2020*

Body horror ig 

Dunno why I still have this obsession of having and "hidden storage" somewhere in my body, with easy access.

Like, storing a tiny usb-key :blobcatgoogly:

Also, can't find if anothers weirdos tried this already ;___;

Why is dash to dock so slow now

What did I do again .____.

Oh, Micay-sensei add some cool stuff to this bad take of mine (I'm not whitequark-sensei, I'm just replying to my own masto post)

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Now I don't need to press Fn to use flameshot :blobcatdab:

let's go to bed tho

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