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Is PS2 stuff in "modern" compy still making the main thread wait for it?

Pour celleux qui vivent en France, c'est complémentaire (et d'où j'ai trouvé l'étude) :

Interesting read :blobcatreading:

"Car use is an important part of daily life in the EU and it clearly creates huge benefits for the users.

Naturally there are also costs for car mobility: obvious costs but also less obvious ones, such as costs arising from noise and pollution.  The study commissioned by the Greens/EFA estimates the magnitude of these hidden costs of car mobility and the ways in which these costs are currently being financed."

Well, should had say France's neoliberals, since we only had but that in past decades.

Btw why fo we call them neolibs here? Because liberals in this context is something from the end of 19th century / early 20th, where deregulation and privatisation was to go-to of the newly re-formed... Mh, "state-from-fallen-empire-wth-was-this-era-in-political-compass"

France's innovatives politics is based on taking 10 years old politics that failed in neighbouring countries.

ok ty, linked list

dunno why the fuck it got out of my tiny brain like this

How the fuck do we call a pointer chain already

Like little struct that contain the next pointer

aaaaa, what's the name... ;___;

C friends, I remind that my school made mandatory to have no memory allocation at all when our program finish, usually leading us to make some cleaning functions and struct trees containing all the pointers to free, wondered if this kind of discipline is worth it, in the age of "well made OS that fucking clean the ram after you"?

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