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Also the UI sucks and can't really remove DMs from my account, so I removed my account completely.

Main reason I dislike Discord Is because It shoves the toxic "real gamer" culture In my face and the marketing/branding In general feels so forced I get annoyed using the platform.

Thank you everyone for 100 followers! I love all the support I get on here makes me a lot happier :blobheartcat:

Pictures from today's hack. No better feeling that cantering through snow on my old man πŸ”οΈπŸ‡ #mastohorses #equestrian

my brain gets worse every year, I used to be able to create things but now my brain can only think of beans.

I'm all for taxing big companies though, I think they should do both

Shouldn't the government be recommending people to cut away from sites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, If they're controlling the market too much, instead saying "we'll tax them a little bit until you forget don't worry"

Is there something wrong with Telegram that I'm missing? I've looked though their privacy policy and technical FAQ and they seem pretty good to me

Don't understand people that buy In app purchases In full price games, I think It's toxic.


What's the point of working to buy things when you don't have time to enjoy It. Then the government wonders why people are getting mentally ill

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