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Speaking of :fedora: #Fedora, I decided to give the :kde: KDE Plasma spin a go on my laptop. And look, SecureBoot!

We just need more freedom and rights on the Internet

I'm not one of them people that will completely disregard the modern web and the technologies that have developed over time, we just need more rights as users and control over our data and more open source projects.

Oof, Battlefield 5 Battle Royale DLC "Firestorm"

EA like to release games that compete against themselves :thinknyan:

Just for the record I'm not using Chrome as my main web browser, I was just playing around In a VM.

IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: Safari's Touch Bar video controls ignore whether fast forward/rewind are allowed in an HTML 5 video. Which means on a MacBook you can use it to skip forced ads on YouTube!

If the PC has no DRM I'm buying the PC version

Team Sonic Racing looks pretty good, I'm kinda sold.

What impact do you think this has on the families effected by the situation

Anyone trying to make a meme out of the shooting that happened In Chrischurch Is sickening

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