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what she says: "ya thats right i'm a gamer girl 😎"

what she means: "for years, video games were my only healthy outlet for self-directed anger issues and lack of social skills"

made out with a bunch of babes tonight

this city has an unfairly high number of hot girls and pretty boys who like traps

goin to some bitch’s birthday party and its pride weekend

how do i look?
like a good trap slut?

applebees sucks no wonder someone wanted to burn this place down


lmao a subby rope slut lives like 5 blocks away from me and she’s hot as fuck, likes smoking weed, into shitty movies and communism and junk food

she’s coming over later

so fuckin ready

we just have some mutuals and havent met yet

Anarcho-capitalists will bitch and moan about the fed and taxes, but never take genuine steps to challenge the state or status quo.

They will invade anarchist spaces, and attempt to undermine the work of others.

They have, time and time again, betrayed real anarchists, ratting them out to cops or sabotaging their efforts.

For all their talk of how the state and taxes are bad, they have never done anything but effectively serve the system.

oh you like dating?
thats cute. a little amateurish but
have you tried crying?

god herself descended from the heavens, and demanded of me “get dem tiddies bitch”

i do think shit like mindlessly saying blah blah fuck cis people blah blah white people suck blah blah i hate normies blah blah from SJW culture is def a toxic optics issue

but sometimes its wild as fuck

sometimes its like
all you gotta do is tell a story about how someone said kill all gays or whatever and someone gotta jump in with “Y DO U H8 STR8 PPL”

thats really all it takes to trigger bigots sometimes and jesus its exhausting

the animation for afro samurai is sick holy shit

did yall know the first gaijin samurai was a black dude who was sold to a shogun who liked his personality and physical strength

this dudes cuttin bullets with his damn sword holy shit is this real

gonna 420bLaZeiT and watch that shitty afro samurai show bcuz never seen it and its that kinda nite

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ookkaayyy follow-up post to begging for money
cash $luxlee776

i am gonna see what i can do about getting those lewd pics up soon like i promised

i have the next couple days off

just didnt expect to make all the $$$ i needed so fast

if anyone still wants to help out, would be appreciated, but i’m gonna take cute pics anyway
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!!! OK unexpected $$$$$ emergency !!!

I am in need of money for groceries and bus tickets, in order to make it through the week until my next pay day.
cash $luxlee776

I am going to take some nude pics and gifs.

After pulling in enough donations (about $75??), I will P O S T N U D E S here within 48 hours of pulling in enough $$$.

if you’re into HOT TRAPS with big dicks and small tits HELP A BRO OUT so i dont fuckin starve
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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !