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i'm REALLY bad at starcraft when i'm high

should i start playing starcraft 2 again just to unlock achievements

i still dont have the 1000 wins playing as random in 1vs1 achievement

theres this dude i used to drink and play board games with, along with other friends, and anyway i just remembered that he thinks fucking your girlfriend in the ass is gay

you know
gay men have anal sex
therefore anal sex is gay

rothbard and hoppe sound like fuckin chaotic evil barbarian warlord names and im not trusting that shit with my economics

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@Leeloo I hate moral equivalencies between Stalin and Hitler because the USSR was a totalitarian perversion of a socialist state, pursuing a twisted version of class politics (which in itself was legitimate), whereas Nazi Germany was pursuing race-based oppression and extermination (which was illegitimate as an end regardless of how it was carried out).

Death count under Marxism-Leninism:
Intention of killing political enemies, who were deemed a threat to building a worker-owned republic.
When they achieved their goal, they stopped. That’s a fact.
Was it ethical? No, but that’s not the point.

Death count under Nazism:
No intention of ending deaths until only white people are left, and only ~true~ white people, who weren’t gay, trans, autistic, impaired, or any other random arbitrary “bad” trait.
The point is death and worship of power.

if you ever find yourself considering the whole “lol but china is communist” argument

remember that its sorta the political inverse of people getting mad at “SJWs calling themselves made up genders”

one of my friends thinks capitalism already set in motion too much environmental damage and most life on earth will die within like 200 years

even if we halt all production immediately, today, we already started too big a chain reaction

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Listen i have nothing against asonics in principal; but it's those New Asonics i don't like. If you dont wanna believe in Sonic, that's fine, but it's this militant insistence that nobody believe in Sonic that's just obnoxious. Sonic is real, and if you wanna be agnostic about that or whatever, your loss 🙄 just leave me out of it

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@Leeloo @Are0h I enjoy the sport where men bash their brains apart so hard they take horse tranquilizers to dull the pain so they can bash their brains apart better


toxic masculinity is beating up yr bros for looking at ur trap waifu

positive masculinity is passing him around

hi im with a hot babe and we just took mushrooms

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Tips to stay anonymous on the fe diverse

1. Strip exif data from pictures
2. Don't use your real name
3. NEVER post a picture of a train
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I don’t know if ancaps realize this, but they would still have the right to be capitalist in an ancom society.
Nobody would jail them or punish them for trying to be capitalist.

The reason ancaps frame ancom as oppressive is because they know nobody would want to pay money for their shit.

im jealous of karen and lili and i wanna be cute with someone rn

now that lain doesnt have skin do we get to see a selfie

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