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i hate nationalism until i have an excuse to trash talk eurofags then i love america

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*sees two girls holding hands in public*

Ah, they're gay and married and in love~

*sees a straight couple passionately making out in public*

Ah, a kiss between friends. What a beautiful friendship.

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one day when malia obama is president shes moving gamers into concentration camps

oppression olympics scale:
women (fuck you stacy) > the gays > white men > juggalos > gamers > bitcoin miners

i’m stupid but at least i’m not ugly or a bitcoin miner

idk how to be a lewdposter unless its just nudes

one day after the tankies win, the vanguard is gonna gulag anyone who ever mined any amount of bitcoin

i’m not rooting for the tankies, but i’m rooting for that

two years ago i bought an MSI 1070 GTX for $400

and now they’re $800 thanks to the fucking bitcoin miners

i kinda wanna buy a shitty laptop

but all computer hardware prices are jacked the fuck up because of fucking bitcoin

also iphone batteries go from 40% to 10% in less than 10 minutes

but i’ve been at 8% for almost an hour

i didnt 100% skyrim and it makes me feel like a failure

‪why tf do casual hookups intentionally leave undergarments and shit behind‬

‪dude ive fucked like 20 people this past year‬

‪do you really think i’m gonna know who left these panties here

file under things that are weirdly possessive and would make me not wanna hook up again

imho LaRoux should make soda too but actually good

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