@metakaos now i'm seeing it's "the uyghurs are a threat to PRC national security"

lets place some bets

how long before tankies stop denying that the muslim concentration camps exist and just start making excuses for them

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so on birdsite some tankie dipshit was saying "Oh there are non-Han Chinese people in the Communist Party. That's proof that they aren't racist."

and, without a moment to spare, the second after I started saying that's not a valid argument against systemic racism, they insisted I'm *clearly* a white supremacist anticommunist pushing CIA propaganda

now we can begin to determine where even liberals and other normies get annoyed by this shit

ok so looks like tankies live up to the caricature of the hyperbolic sjw that accuses everyone of being racist

@ivesen then he immediately changed the subject and asked what i think about jordan peterson.

i said peterson doesn't know what marxism is, says terrible things about women, and his fans are dicks.

then he responded with "blah blah hes misrepresented blah blah here's why i think he's so great and you're wrong blah blah you're a bigot if you don't tolerate difference of opinion plz be more empathic", and completely ignored all of my replies to everything he said.

@ivesen it was like he was following a script.

we were friends as teenagers. havent talked in several years.

i messaged him out of the blue to say whats up.

he responded with a conversation about a newcomer, businessman turned social liberal politician, named andrew yang.

i explained that yang's ideas are good, and i would honestly vote for the guy, but we need a revolutionary movement built out of labor union and community organization.

so a couple weeks ago i willingly interacted with a non-communist cis dude outside of my workplace for the first time in months

without any provocation, i was rewarded with:
- a link to a 2 hour jordan peterson video in which he interrupts and antagonizes the interviewer (a woman) within the first 5 minutes
- reassurance that peterson "isn't a bigot, just misrepresented"
- a lecture about how "intolerance of different opinions is bigotry", equivalent to, say, genocide
- a lecture about empathy

how common is it in europe for anyone to listen to american country music

>join progressive trans-friendly air force
>Thanks Obama
>paint my F-22 Raptor the trans flag colors
>get permission from my commanding officer to only bomb cis syrians
>receive medal of honor for bringing democracy to the middle east
>get a mention in a huffington post piece about brave, active duty trans women in the military

@josemanuel that's a complicated question.

yes because i need money
no because i have options

alt right edgelords: mad at his mom for not bringing home pizza, shitty unoriginal sense of humor, thinks ability to write python is pinnacle of intelligence, keeps a list of girls who reject him

commie trannies: multiple girlfriends, disowned by parents for being trans, has probably been homeless, has probably housed homeless people, quite literally invented 21st century dadaist memes and vaporwave, vast majority know python

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trans stuff, HRT question Show more

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turing test except it tells u whether you're a furry

@SarcasmKid oh boy here we go

olivia is gonna go into a gamestop and pepper spray the employees over this

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