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Positive feelings for the USSR generally are greater among older people in Russia and the other former Soviet republics surveyed. For example, while 78% of Russian adults ages 35 and older in the 2015 survey see the breakup as a bad thing, half of Russians under 35 feel this way.


@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat i’ll check back later to see if any of you are capable of self-accountability

are you still bullying, by the way? i cant tell

@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat
no no no, little crybaby
you’re not getting out of this

admit that you were the one using virgin as an insult, not me

@kro @karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi he’ll keep waiting until he also holds himself accountable

@karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi @kro what about you?
well you sided with karo and didnt call him out on being a crybaby who used virgin as an insult all while throwing a pissyfit about how using virgin as an insult is mean

@kro @karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi this isnt how you get people to have honest discussions with you

admit you were throwing a crybaby tantrum and the only one using virgin as an insult

@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat and i told karolat that your asses will wait

now i’m defining the terms of that wait

i have to know its not a waste of time

@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat i’ll talk to you about ideology as soon you start giving a little ground, showing some good faith, and admitting you were the only one using incel/virgin as an insult, and just throwing a little crybaby tantrum

otherwise an honest discussion cant be had

@kro @karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi and you’ve been trying to make it about splitting hairs over my usage of the word “nazi” because you’ve already been backed into a corner over your original bullshit that started your crybaby tantrum

@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat again, the only one using incel/virgin as an insult was you

@kro @karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi you arent calling out hypocrisy though

your initial argument was that i was making fun of virgins and incels, which is patently false

and like i said before, along with these screenshots that i posted too, the only one who’s a hypocrite here is you

@kro @zemichi @ilovecomputers @karolat i cant tell the difference between your new bullying strategy with the old one

@zemichi @ilovecomputers @kro @karolat seeing as how mass shooters in north america have a tendency to be extremely misogynist or have fascistic ideology like him, i really doubt pussy would have prevented him from shooting innocent people

@kro @karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi you have been making personal attacks since your very first reply to me in that original thread because you cant read and got mad over literally nothing, so you’ve actually been trying to bully me this entire time

you’re just sucking at it

are you going to try different bully techniques?

@karolat @ilovecomputers @zemichi @kro i dont assume things about people like you three do, so when roka says “i’m not interested in sex” i take their word for it

@zemichi @karolat @kro @ilovecomputers i’d call elliot roger a nazi whether he had sex or not because his ideology espoused nazi shit

not all nazis are virgins/incel

plus i even said in my OP that theres nothing wrong with being involuntarily celibate

roka said they’re not interested in sex, and i said to them, “thats cool you do you”

again, the only violent ones here are you guys