one of my friends thinks capitalism already set in motion too much environmental damage and most life on earth will die within like 200 years

even if we halt all production immediately, today, we already started too big a chain reaction

@Leeloo I don't think that is true and even if it was most likely I would still want to try.

Yeah we're not going to be seeing things like massive desertification in our lifetimes but it's on the horizon

@Leeloo there were a lot of announcements about this around 2008, and then a few years later they said confirmations.

I'm not sure the validity.

not many counter arguments, there is a theory against global warming, that earth is just repeating a ten thousand year old cycle, which begins with the ice caps melting before re-shifting world ocean currents and starting a new ice age.

I wouldn't be able to tell the difference or understand if the methods used to collect data prove one more or the other.

@ktsukik i did some research in 2007 for school and found the same thing

theres a bigger ~200,000 year cycle IIRC, and we are reaching the peak of that

however, there are other changes we are certain to have caused

@Leeloo yea, definitely, I wouldn't deny the negative impacts of oil and coal, nor would I turn down the positives of green tech

@Leeloo I believe this actually. It’s time for the jellyfish to rule the planet soon.

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