I don’t know if ancaps realize this, but they would still have the right to be capitalist in an ancom society.
Nobody would jail them or punish them for trying to be capitalist.

The reason ancaps frame ancom as oppressive is because they know nobody would want to pay money for their shit.

>in an ancom society

Yeah, I bet that would work out really well.

@dwmatiz the point is that you would be ALLOWED to TRY being capitalist

you just wouldnt have any customers or employees

@Leeloo Trying to imagine this conversation.

"Wait, why should I work for you?"

"Because then I'll give you some Buttcoin, that you can exchange for goods."

"But the farmers share all the food we need. And I can just get whatever else I want from the library and swap meets."

@badwrongfun “you mean i’m FORCED to GIVE away my food for FREE?”

“no its fine if you dont want to share your things or help us maintain our utilities, but i dont think many people will want to be friends with you”


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