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Spotify had a big ass breach. This morning? Log in, force a log out of all locations, and reset your passwords.

At least 4,000 accounts affected with passwords exposed in plain text.

Boost for visibility.

gay commie trash like me rejected Friends because life like that wasnt going to work for me

i fuck my friends all without the idiotic drama
i dont own that much useless shit
i dont use hair products or makeup

alt-right shitlords couldnt make that life work for them either, and they’re angry about it

but because neo nazis are stupid, they decided “the gays” and “sjws” and “feminism” are the enemy

rather than

you know

the global corporate machine thats making them unhappy

“Friends” and shows like it were a brainwashing tool.

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If we don't carry out a revolution in the next 15 years and tear down the oligarchs, we are literally going to go extinct haha

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my life is just a constant chase for the high of a scholastic book fair

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some fuckign ashole spider left an egg sack on my onesie stupid piedce of shit

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Consider buying the W.O.M.A.N. II (Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis) comp today! It's got 44 new tracks from Ghoul, Neckbeard Deathcamp, Jucifer, Void Ritual, and more, and all proceeds from today's sales are donated to Doctors Without Borders.


#metal #grind #deathmetal #blackmetal #noise #crust #antifascism

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

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"This is Bi Club. You can't go in unless you can prove you're Bi."

"I don't really know how I can prove that. In fact I sometimes wonder if I'm Bi enough to use that word."

"In you go, Bi friend. Welcome to Bi Club."

I’m at a bus stop downtown.
There’s a daycare center here with big windows so you can see inside.

On the back wall, there’s a mural with cartoon bees.


These kids look less than 5 years old.

one of my roommates brought home a new friend

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the scene where smith has morpheus handcuffed to a chair

the cop is demanding revolutionary tell him how to be free

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