White supremacists fall under two categories:
- cowards, who are afraid that the fascists will win, and are taking sides early
- still mad at their mom for not buying snack packs that one time



*raises eyebrow, looks off into the distance*

i have indeed witnessed the great bread cataclysm of niu dot moe

*places fist on table and nods slowly*

i'm gonna start talking like game of thrones characters

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whats the video game successor to Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

how come every jordan peterson fan i've ever talked to will try to convince me to watch a fuckton of his videos but peterson himself didnt prepare for his debate with zizek

i think jordan peterson doesnt know how to read

computers can beat us at video games now so tbh gamers as an ethnicity should be rendered extinct

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The 1994 CD-ROM re-release of Mario's Time Machine, known as Mario's Time Machine Deluxe, features the only appearance of Bowser's mother in a Mario game. She is a librarian in charge of the game's reference texts. t.co/0N9JkozegE

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Imagine if you could get nine (!) truck drivin' songs on one (!) cassette tape. You'd say "Grace, what are you doing, that's too powerful". But then, what if I told you it was only a single (!) dollar? And also that the tape didn't work? Stop dreaming, it's here.

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i may personally disagree with Exxon dumping toxic waste into the river that leads directly downstream to my house, but it's not worth violating the NAP over that sort of thing

virgin incel: probably fascist

chad volcel: probably commie

i havent fucked anyone since january i feel so oppressed ugh the permavirgin meme nazis were right all along

if UK gets it first, their model will fail

USA will improve upon the tech, indebt UK to keep them alive in the oncoming war vs America

political ramifications of nuclear fusion?

what about the geopolitics of x inventing it first:
- china
- uk
- eu
- corporation
- these guys: youtube.com/watch?v=1KpOZFGoY7

i bought Under Night In-Birth this past week

i'm new to fighting games

but, i played through some of the tutorial these past couple days

and i'm gonna gradually make my way through the arcade story with every character so can i pick 2-3 to main

why wont ginny reply or send me money

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