ok so

marry fuck kill:

tony the tiger
count chocula
captain crunch

are there any ancaps left on the fedi


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listening to Season of the Bitch talk about Emma Goldman :goldman: :ancom: :anarchy:

how come when i browse the RPG section on steam its 90% hentai visual novels

broke: the government is lacing weed with fentanyl

woke: obama is controlling the weather

WEIRDLY SUSPICIOUS that fentanyl is appearing even in weed and acid, all over the USA

DAE remember when the CIA sold crack to fund illegal wars???


fentanyl is showing up in pretty much every recreational drug all across the united states

trump is draining the swamp

hot take

season 8 has a starbucks cup on set intentionally as a 4th wall breaking technique

i just delivered food to a hotel and they had elevator music remixed sober by gambino


finding out that Sargon is a pedo reminds me of something valuable:

fascist dipshits knew Sargon was a pedo all along, know that leftists never bother to watch his videos and find out for ourselves, and know exactly what they’re doing when antagonizing and strawmanning leftist positions

the whole point of fascist antagonism is to get leftists to snap and look bad, even knowing full well they could also misstep and get in trouble or arrested or banned

the point, to them, IS creating violence

White supremacists fall under two categories:
- cowards, who are afraid that the fascists will win, and are taking sides early
- still mad at their mom for not buying snack packs that one time



*raises eyebrow, looks off into the distance*

i have indeed witnessed the great bread cataclysm of niu dot moe

*places fist on table and nods slowly*

i'm gonna start talking like game of thrones characters

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whats the video game successor to Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

how come every jordan peterson fan i've ever talked to will try to convince me to watch a fuckton of his videos but peterson himself didnt prepare for his debate with zizek

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