Venom already came out? Man, that film left my radar.

Doom Patrol is off to a strong start.

My brother's cat isn't as stealthy and nimble as he thinks.

Ticket sites are finally back up. I'm redeeming one final Atom reward ticket for the fan event.

Barging rudely into someone's office is apparently more effective than using the proper convoluted channels to apply for jobs in the civil service. Transparency.

If horror superhero films became the next oversaturated genre in film, I'd be okay with that.

Love, Death & Robots is really good.

Shouldn't Avengers: Endgame tickets be up by now? Not even fan event plans have been revealed yet - not that I ever go to those anyway. I expect this one is a bigger deal than Captain Marvel though. Hopefully, Landmark tickets pop up soon, since I still have a free admission to any screening format.

Someone bought the whole office pecan tarts this morning. It's after lunch now... still no takers.

"Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo" anime film visual and staff
Director: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Script: Mari Okada
Character Design: Masayoshi Tanaka
Studio: CloverWorks

Theatre 10 at South Keys deserves a renovation for screening all the anime movies. It deserves it!

This is the most delicious plain bread I've ever had.

Were there mini-posters available this time at Canadian theatres for Part 2 of Heaven's Feel?

I saw Captain Marvel last night, and thought it was "okay". My excitement for it was a bit low because Avengers is right around the corner. I kind of had the same impression as I had for Black Panther, which was that I probably would have enjoyed it more if it came out earlier before the stakes were raised. It feels strange to have introductory solo-films at this stage of the story.

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