All my colleagues on the Ottawa side are sending me messages at work about their day off over there. Bring me food, you jerks!

If anyone on older versions of Android is experiencing major battery drain due to Inoreader, version 6.0.5 seems to be the last stable build.

I thought there would be more talk about Megalo Box for the animation/design categories.

I guess I'll watch the archive for the , just to see if there are any surprise announcements.

Freakin' Chrome mobile keeps moving stuff around with each update. Whoever decided replacing the "new tab" button with "close all tabs" deserves a slap from every user that lost their tabs. "Undo" doesn't work if the app also closes itself! I should have stuck with the privacy-focuses browsers!

The sidewalks still aren't cleared yet? I should just sleep at the office tonight.

There are so many people out today, we're only being notified who's in.

The photog was Michael Benedict. A well known photog in the socal cosplay scene...

Why it's so important to always take a friend with you even if you trust them

How much should one be willing to pay for a Nvidia Shield (not K1) nowadays?

I kind of hope that my building is closed tomorrow, so I don't have to freeze outside waiting for a bus running 40 minutes late.

The next Avengers might be 3 hours long? I'd be okay with a 5 hour film, if they were confident they could keep me immersed for that long.

The giant puddle in front of my house looks smooth enough to skate on.

The puddles around the city make the roads look like waterways today.

Called my parents to wish them well during the Lunar New Year/Spring Festival (which is during the winter??). Of course my dad did something to make my mom angry enough to ignore everyone, today of all days. lol!

Revamping my news feed. Would anyone like to share their recommendations for daily/weekly/monthly rundowns for animu/comangac books/light novel/vidja/book/teevee/moovee/gizmos and gadgets news? Short and concise would be preferred, but I'm also open to other suggestions, including podcasts. I'm just looking for something that can help me catch up on happenings whenever I fall behind. Thank you!

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