“No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism” is a Thought-Stopping Cliche

Guess I'll give up on sketching for tonight and play Touhou lol

Wtf? I thought librem is on social.librem.one, how many domains to they actually set up to interact with fediverse?

Think like a criminal, write it down, and they will pay you for it.

interesting how older internet denizens use non-standard spellings for certain utterances. like my aunt who keeps commenting "arghh" on nice photos of my brother and his girlfriend. or my boss who writes "whooa" instead of "woohoo" which lends a very stoner air to her emails

cut my jife (jean life) into pieces this is my last jesort (jean resort)

ok so I'm just playing around with my i3 settings so this isn't done, but omfg i love this look

Which bird likes to go to an all-night dance party with electronic music and possibly drug use? Show more

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