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I feel like Terraria is not a game you can really enjoy on your own. It definitely needs other people to help you along

I have such bad willpower, all I can think about is how desperately I am craving a packet of crisps...

Trying out some modded Terraria. Got some mods installed and just testing out if it works or not

I've sat in my room nearly all day with the blinds closed... Aren't I a social butterfly

I would never normally say this about a games company, even one I hate. But I am actually happy that EA are failing atm. I hope it doesn't last forever and that they learn from their mistakes but I like the fact that the last 2 big games have failed

Crumbs in my bed is the worst feeling. No idea how they got in the bed but now it is time to clean the whole thing

oh my god, I didn't know Barry Elliott (Barry Chuckle) had died. The chuckle brothers were such a good bit of my childhood and I absolutely loved them in the years afterwards as comedians

I'm really in the mood to play Doom Eternal... I hope it comes out early next year.

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Does anyone else see the masterclass adverts and just think "wow these people know what they are talking about"

I have some good plans for today. Gonna open my window and let my room get really cool then stick my jumper on to stay warm.
Then I'm gonna do the tavern brawl tournament and if I get enough gold keep doing it over again probably just gonna use Dr Boom Control Warrior, unless I can get a load of specific legendarys then I will play Malygos Shaman

Has anyone else seen what Arkane Studios is doing with the Dishonoured franchise. They are actually doing the smart thing and ending this story at the end of what they had planned, and will only continue the franchise with new characters.

I actually really admire what they are doing and if they do make anymore I will be very excited to pick it up

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@Ocean22 This appeals to 2 different sides of me

Rewired a bit of my mouse and fixed the sensor thing, working with no problems atm. I can't believe I put up with how broken it was for so long

Need to get carrots for my carrot cake muffins. But the cornershop doesn't have any... Need to go to a bigger shop some point soon

Drinking energy drinks, coffee and tea is so bad for me... My palpitations get soooo bad

Okay I don't like the new Fallout 76. No story and no campaign it is just a survival game