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Now this is a Friday night, eating cookie dough and having some drinks OwO

I still need to watch the new Doctor Who episodes but nothing has grabbed me about the new series, I don't think that it is Jodie Whittaker's fault as I like her in other stuff... I guess it is the new director's fault

Also I'm pretty sure I just don't like sushi, I keep trying to like it but it just never sits well with me

After having nothing to eat all day I decided to buy some sushi... Now that I have started tho I can tell that I am gonna be hungry after this UwU

Been waiting for 30 mins now for this meeting, granted I was 10 mins early but I should still not be waiting this long

People already know this about me, but I love legs, like legs and thighs are the best OwO

I could really eat a plum or a peach rn...
Or a kiwi or something fruity and very sweet

Like just check out the first few seconds of this video

I am using 1 hand to type and also using the tip of the cone from my ice cream cone

Or if it was about nothing like they ussually are

I do have a meeting tomorrow, but I am not that stressed out about it... I wonder what this panic attack was about tho

I'm pretty sure I've been having another panic/anxiety attack... And I've been struggling to calm down for the last hour...

Bunni boosting the lewdest of things OwO

Can someone please come over and lewd the fluff out of me...

I did a lot of lewdposting yesterday, and now is the day where I want the lewds myself

@esheep I caught all the summer time fishies, I'll try to get through to the fall and then you can fish the last fall fishies, while I try and find some no star apples and some mushrooms

I'm gonna go and get a yum yum and an iced kaff in a bit, just need to pick some stuff up and then I'll be on my way to kaff and then home

I'm very achy right now, it's very annoying

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