My face when someone touches my cookies without asking 😡

SOOOOO tired but finally done with this project, i need a few days to rest now 😅✌️

Mary Jane is one of my top ten favorite comic book characters,soon i´m gonna be another of one my top ten, any guesses tiger?

Did a little Battle Angel Alita inspired cosplay, maybe i do a real one later if i have time

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thanks to @IronPepper some times ago, I was able to find a pattern that works for my FFXIV Machinist cosplay on

So thanks a lot to you Pepper, and keep being awesome ! 👍

Don´t want to brag but i kinda saw an early screening of a movie with dragons 😉 ✌️

Biggest project yet: One day i´m going to have my own dragon 🐲 ✌️

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone ✌️ 🎅

Might go back to a full readhead soon so enjoy the pink streaks while they´re here 😊 ✌️

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