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Tokoyami Towa of Hololive is almost at 100k subs.
She has a really great voice and likes to play FPS games, help her reach this milestone and join the family if you'd like.

Hololive Indonesia started and the first vtuber is a cute squirrel! :D!

And then she proceeds to google translate my name, still worth it.

All the buns (:bun: :bun: :bun:) love Pekora because she represents the bun :bun: minority on YouTube

I've been absent for a while, i just wanted say i didn't die or anything, just being busy with life.

Hi All ^_^
I just started playing FF XIV.
I am not sure yet if I will continue in the long run but if you have any tip for a beginner and want to join me in game: I am currently playing a lvl 10 Arcanist on European server Twintania

I haven't posted here in a while now, been busy with FFXIV and waiting for the 5.1 patch. Hyped i am.

I've just come to realize after all this time that Donald Duck is my spirit animal.


I swear when this will start to kick in during the raid, 24 people will cry.

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