Been a while since last time i went pvping in this game. This armor looks sweet though, i might jump into the pvp again just for that.

I went to a friend's wedding today, 'twas fun! even did a little parade with the Regalia mounts starting from the church all the way to Mor Dhona.

Omega basically summons Punished Snake's rocket fist to punch you (and the party) in the face.

That's my headcanon.

Brought my reluctant friends to Eureka in FF14, i've been trying for ages to bring them there and they finally accepted to give it a go.
Their first impression seems good as they said it doesn't seem as bad as they thought.
at least until we reach Pagos, everyone hates Pagos.

When you receive 2 commendations as a DPS for doing your job correctly ... it's wholesome 😭

tmw when you're going to start the hatching tides event and you hear Papaya

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