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Tokoyami Towa of Hololive is almost at 100k subs.
She has a really great voice and likes to play FPS games, help her reach this milestone and join the family if you'd like.

And then she proceeds to google translate my name, still worth it.

All the buns (:bun: :bun: :bun:) love Pekora because she represents the bun :bun: minority on YouTube

I've been absent for a while, i just wanted say i didn't die or anything, just being busy with life.

Hi All ^_^
I just started playing FF XIV.
I am not sure yet if I will continue in the long run but if you have any tip for a beginner and want to join me in game: I am currently playing a lvl 10 Arcanist on European server Twintania

I haven't posted here in a while now, been busy with FFXIV and waiting for the 5.1 patch. Hyped i am.

I've just come to realize after all this time that Donald Duck is my spirit animal.


I swear when this will start to kick in during the raid, 24 people will cry.

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