Don't rush ahead and yank your tank into more mobs with Rescue, it's rude just ask politely if he can pull more. I've had it up to here with this it's the third time now this happened to me and it seems it's becoming a trend.

Talking about FFXIV if anyone asks.

Still no Benefics buffs but at least it's a start.
Give us our old cards back next, SE please.

After ShB launched i'm getting too many commendations as a DPS, i'm scared. :blobsweats:

RIP to all the people who died, but one question remains ... how is it possible that he was able to get in, with a gasoline tank even! no one stopped him? did they not have security?

Servers are under manteinance, so im going to put some screens i took here. 

"Unable to obtain character data"
Man, the new Raubahn (extreme) sure is hard.

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