I've collected about 8.6GB of anime/cartoons/gaming/other art, animations and such. I need to put them on a server and make public someday.

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@lunduke what do you think is single most important problem we are facing as an open/free software community? Bonus question: what can we do to fix it? What's the best course of action?

Hugs and all good stuff.

At least I'm THE ORDER QUEEN and no one can take that away from me!

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Track of the day 

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Sharing this comment because I always get pushbacks like this, and it's almost always because someone wants to avoid risking even a tiny bit of guilt.


Me: I care for privacy and understand costs of developing and hosting huge service so I wouldn't mind paying small monthly fee to remove tracking and advertisement.

Online services: Get premium for 10$/month. We'll give you some options you won't use anyway. Also we're still gonna track you.

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I made a new webapp. It's here sadaway.neocities.org/ and will probably be the last new neocities website I make because that feels rude. I forgot about other resources when I decided to make this website, but oh well.

Anyway, it's just a website to show you cute animal pictures when you're sad. So far, I only have 69 (heh nice) images scoured from search results, but if you have particularly cute animal pictures you'd like me to/let me add, I'd love to do so!

I submitted little bug on bug tracker. Hour late it's fixed and integrated into master.

Open source is great.

I started training aikido recently. I also use Facebook at work, because sometimes you have to kill time. I want to keep in touch with some people and I don't want to waste my time on social media after work.

Today Facebook showed me advertisement for kimonos – the kind you use for martial arts. And it would be normal by today's standards if it wasn't for a fact that I generally try to keep my cyber life private and have no idea how did they get me.

When I was searching for aikido, I did it using DDG. I use privacy blockers and custom Android rom. I normally don't even take my spy brick to the dojo, although I did in the Friday as we had a little party, so I guess that's when it happened. Still not sure how.

And that's why I'm gonna buy myself Librem 5 eventually. Maybe not at launch, maybe not as long my current spy brick works perfectly. But I've decided now.

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