My application is on F-Droin now :rintarou_okabe: :

although unfortunately I don't have time to work on it lately and it requires fixes :cry_konata:

I noticed that stupid people will often share controversial opinions with someone they've only met.

Being right or wrong aside, you know NOTHING about me, maybe I'm not the best person to listen to your racist rant :rintarou_okabe: .

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I have some C++ projects that I could use a hand with if there's any one on the fedi looking for something to do

boost appreciated

Why is it so hard to find good RSS aggregator?

Is it just me or does Simon looks like Benedict Cumberbatch?

"Cheerful People" from "Spirit of Justice" ( is really great theme. The only problem with it is, it fits Bonny so well it's weird when it's played to other characters later.

I randomly remembered about Puni Puni Poemi, and this is just great:

3 hours in "Analogue: A Hate Story" and I like it so far, but it's gonna be yet another fun experience I'll never be able to discuss with anyone as most people won't care for ANY visual novel, and on top of that this one requires attention and isn't known at all.

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>Learning sign language just so you can pretend you're mute when you don't want to talk with people.

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It's kinda depressing how small the changes were. Just adding "webp" to list of supported formats. Most of those commits are translations.

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How come there isn't FOSS oriented news site called "GNUws"?

I didn't expect Spirit of Justice to be this good.

I thought Capcom is going to just release average quality product to make a quick buck, but no.

Old characters returned with style, new characters have their place to shine as well.

Cases were also great, with some really unexpected and impactful moments.

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