@Eidon Hmm, I think we need to discuss the rights and wrong of computer-generated video in Mathemorphosis's case :blobfoxthinking:

@Miaourt Fortunately, the thunder didn't come around my apartment after all :blobcatcheer:

@Eidon No, unfortunately. I was working today too. Probably I'll have a vacation from the next week. I have to focus to design the next song then :blobthinking:

@Shouto Yep. There was a sexy scene of the special fire force companies's guys. Therefore you must watch it! :blobcatlewd:

@Eidon I have no reason to oppose 🙌
Then, you're busy this month, aren't you?

Bought a lot of manga. My shoulders are aching hard. Oyasumi.

I'm speechless really

Roel Vergauwen - programmer Rock Werchter
chooses Eidon because ...
"Eidon is a solo artist from Leuven who labels his music as progressive rock, which is already special in these times. But he also draws on math rock, minimal music, jazz, ethnic music, ... He'd be a perfect support for Gogo Penguin, Battles or Dijf Sanders and could eventually conquer a place at both Rock Werchter and Gent Jazz or Couleur Café. Curious how he will bring this live"


@Eidon Eidon-san started to rise to stardom? 👀 Congrats!

My left shoulder is aching. Maybe I have to go to a clinic tomorrow :blobugh:

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