@BaldGodzilla :blobfoxcheer:
因みにこの場合は「直った」ね。「直した」のはshpさんだから :blobnerd:

@BaldGodzilla たぶん今復旧作業中のような気がする :blobfoxthinkowo:

@Eidon I feel tunes like the Esercizio series match us 👍

Internal server error in shpposter.club again. I can't login there :blobthinkingglare:

@Shouto Don't mind.
Btw, I don't post onto niu any longer. Time has come.

@Shouto I hope that troublesome situation is gone 🙏

@Eidon Oh, it's good news! Your singing style must be expanded more 👏

@Eidon Sorry, it's delaying. Only the lead guitar part isn't completed yet😰

@Miaourt I'll never forget the French dude and niu though I don't immigrate there. Thank you so much! :blobimfine:

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