Got E-Ink e-reader Likebook Mars T80D :awesome: I'll be able to read manga more comfortable from now on.

Fortunately, a rain cloud is keeping away from Tokyo now.

I had thought that the drawer's area is dead space 🤔 So I wrote user CSS in order to compact it. As the result, although the drawer usually is very thin, it fully appears while cursor is hovering on it :blobcheer2:


Went to M3 which is an big music event for doujin. Then, I met TOMOKI++ -san who is admin of, and his companions.
There were so many people in the place. Actually I'm weak to such busy place. So I was tired when got home although the event was very exciting.


Hey, I joined in a compilation album of as Napue. 1st ANNIVERSARY / SPRING 2018 COMPILATION ALBUM Cross Fade Demo.

@cafou Sorry, I have made wait you. I went to a supermarket for research. Then found. Took a photo.

Left: Jyoshinko
Center: Dangoko
Right: Shiratamako

Dangoko is stuff for really cooking Dango.
The most maximum worry is a customs house as I thought. It may be confiscated because of misunderstanding. Because it looks like a drug perhaps.


It is no exaggeration to say that my Japanese vocabulary's ability was trained by stupid newspaper "The Asahi Shinbun" and the world's heaviest heavy metal magazine "BURRN!"

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