I formed a music unit with Nightingalle.


@shmibs @Nightingalle Illusion of Ideal is a permanent unit.
Therefore we'll release new songs from now on. Thx!

@Guresuke @Nightingalle
i think it will do well; it sounds like you've been practising a lot

@calv @Guresuke Aw that is seriously making me dizzy XD We should all appreciate @Guresuke for his extraordinary musics too:) Thanks for commenting!

@calv @Guresuke IMPOSSIBLE. Think last time we discussed over your tragic battery

@calv @Guresuke Well done for you. Guess you wouldn't have thought that I've forgotten about you if I talked more aggressively

@Guresuke @Nightingalle That's wonderful, I'm so glad you managed to do this. And it's really a great song! I'm sooo impressed!

@wim_v12e @Nightingalle Thank you very much, Wim-san! I'm also very glad! This project started from just New Year's Day of this year. It was the long course...
We'll keep to create wonderful songs from now on too! 🤘

@Guresuke @Nightingalle Yes, I remember when you first discussed it. I look forward to your next songs!

@Guresuke @Nightingalle

@Guresuke @Nightingalle その通り、京都のマルイの写真です。最初の「O」字を切り捨てました。😆

@wim_v12e @Nightingalle やっぱり! XD よく見ると、左側にうっすらと「〇」の文字の光が写り込んでたのが大きなヒントでした。

@wim_v12e @Nightingalle デッサンの勉強をしたおかげで、観察眼を鍛えられました😁

@Guresuke @Nightingalle 「 デッサン」という言葉は分かりませんでしたがフランス語の"dessin"から 来たと思います。

@wim_v12e ええ、その通りです。漢字で表すと「素描 (そびょう)」なのですが、「デッサン」という呼び方の方がより広く使われてます :)


@wim_v12e Yeah, I also had remembered that you had noticed about that discussion at that time 😁 We'll reply to your hope!


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