@Guresuke How vigorous:) The leaves seem slightly yellow-ish which goes even better with that shade of pink:)

@Nightingalle Yeah, that leaves are really kimidori. I imitated since someone sometimes had uploaded flower photos 😁

@Guresuke Apparently yours are outshining XD, hm, I should retaliate with more XD

@Nightingalle Likewise yours are beautiful like you XD
You hate losing! XD

@Guresuke t-that's sudden!

losing to you once in while may be acceptable XD

@Nightingalle I just tried to imitate shp-san :blobthinkingsmirk:

Today's Nazo-chin looks like Dere-chin again😁

@Guresuke it still transpired your own style somehow XD

You seem to take advantage of that 🎉

@Nightingalle I'll not be able to say such affected words with mother tongue 😂

Nope, I'm pure as well as shp-san 😇

@Guresuke Yes I noticed XD After all Japanese is restraining language. So, I should talk with you in English more often XD

Then the word "pure" means something different to me now 😇

@Nightingalle キミのだって綺麗さ、そうキミの様に……うーん、やっぱキザ過ぎてダメだな!😂

Ohh, I'm really pure indeed 😇 :blobthinkingsmirk: 😇

@Guresuke いえ、とてもドキが来るだけどXD

Too many angels it gets suspicious, what are you up to XD

@Nightingalle Hehe, but such words should be rare as I thought.

What are you afraid of? 😇

@Guresuke thus worth exploiting:)

Utterly nothing, there's no such phrase as "fear" in my dictionary✨

@Nightingalle I think that, if I say everyday such words, you'll be bore. Or, do overseas people like it rather?

Thanks for silently pointing out. English is difficult as I think 🤔

@Guresuke I would never get bored:) It has nothing to do with cultures:)

No, I wasn't pointing your mistakes, it's just an expression, つまり、私は「恐怖」と言う二文字を知らない、恐れずの様な:)

@Nightingalle Hehe, I see. Yet I'll rarely say.

Ohh. Actually, I hesitated about possibility that you didn't point out. However, fear, terror, horror, these are troublesome difficult for me after all 🤔

@Nightingalle Never says any more 😇

I need to properly use them. Troublesome! 😵

@Guresuke it's not like I can force you or something😇

Maybe check their detailed definitions and example sentences would help:)

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