@guresuke It was getting cold. Last week we had temperatures varying between 0C to 15C

However, this week, it's back to around 10C to 20C. It was 17C when I went back home
@guresuke A Kotatsu sounds nice, but I don't know where I would be able to buy one here

I heard that in Japan, houses are built in a certain way because of earthquakes (which are very rare here) and houses aren't insulated, making something like a kotatsu more of a necessity

I think?

Found some reading material about it


Here the houses are isolated and we have a heating system, so the house stays relatively warm where it's still possible to wear a t-shirt and short without spending too much electricity

I still use a couch blanket though

@coolboymew Oh I envy you. Yeah, houses in Japan are tough rather for earthquakes. However, an insulated house exists a lot in the present too.
You would be able to feel heaven if you get a kotatsu. And you read a doujinshi while getting into it. I can say this is surely a splendid moment. Try it!

@guresuke I'm always under the couch blanket, so I'm sure I would absolutely love h as ving a kotatsu
@guresuke Surprisingly, I'm not all that fat

I have a bit of a belly, but no more than that
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