@Guresuke I didn't yes but I thought about them before posting :blobderpy:

@Guresuke Wow an actual Japanese train & station - it looks amazing, I just want to hop on that train now 🚅 😮

Thanks for sharing, Gre, love this pic :wow_miku: :blobhappy:

@Raizel Hehe, this pic is a Shinkansen and a platform of Tokyo station 😁

@Guresuke Sweet ~ the Shinkansen looks nice and shiny 🚅

Hehe I thought more people would've been on the platform :blobderpy:

Busy busy :blob_laughing: :blobcatcamera:

I love this picture, I get to see what Japanese people wear during summer! ☀️ 🚅

@Raizel In the past, office workers had usually worn a long sleeve jacket during even summer.

@Guresuke That must've been torturous for them :blobsweats:

I guess this is no longer the norm during summer? :blobcatmelt:

@Raizel Yep, we don't basically need to wear a necktie in summer anymore.

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