@Guresuke Oha ~ how are you doing Gre? :blobcatowoevil:

@Raizel I feel tiredness now, because I had work at the last Sat and the Sat before last.
How about Raz?

@Guresuke Yikes that was rough :blobcatsad:

I hope you'll take a good nap today and get more rest this week :blobcatsleep:

Am okay thanks 🐰

@Raizel Although there is consecutive holiday this weekend, I have a matter to go to a far place. So I'm going to be busy.

Good. Have a roach-less dream then.

@Guresuke Oh what's the name of the holiday? :ablobcatbongo:

Ah you have to travel far to attend/deal with that matters of yours - be safe 🙏

Thanks, I had a great dream today, woke up happy! :blobhappy:

@Raizel The next Mon is 海の日 [umi no hi] that is ocean day.

Thanks. I'm going to visit ancestor's grave.

It's nice. I dreamt something last night, but I can't recall it anymore.

@Guresuke Aww the name of that holiday sounds so pretty 🌊 ✨

YW, will you meet your other relatives there? :blobtilt:

The noise prob made you forget what you dreamed :blobcatmelt3:

@Raizel I'll meet a grandma.

Well, even if the problem didn't exist, I would forget it :blobcatgooglytrash:

@Guresuke Oh I see, hope she is well 🙏

A very Gre response, forgetting them can be quite the blessing 😃

@Guresuke That's wonderful to hear, I'm glad that she is :blobaww:

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