@Guresuke Oh dear, Gre can't stop sniffling, some chicken soup and rest would do you good 🤧 😷 😴

Chicken soup recipe:

Feel better soon! 🙏

@Raizel The sniffing stopped though not quite satisfactorily, but I'm still in bad condition now.
Actually I can't take cooking due to a reason though I appreciate your kindness. Thanks 😷

@Guresuke Glad it stopped for now, hopefully with some more rest your condition will improve 🙏

Oh, hope you have fruits to eat at last for a boost of vitamin C 🍈 🍎 🍍

Take care, Gre 😷 💤

@Raizel I feel the condition is gradually getting better. Thanks.

@Guresuke Great news, then how about today? You drinking sake must mean you've recovered? :ablobcool:


@Raizel However I feel the condition doesn't completely recover yet now :blobdead:

@Guresuke Not yet huh? But you'll get there soon and be 💯 better 🙏 👍 👌

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