Although now is already the middle of night, some workers are still doing construction of an office building.

@Guresuke They must meet their deadline 🔨 💪

@Raizel And they seem to be working tonight as well as yesterday.

@Guresuke Busy, busy, busy 🔨

Have they finished constructing the office building yet? 🏢

@Raizel Not yet. And I had misunderstood because the surface of the building had been hooded,actually they look like to be constructing an apartment :blob_grinning_sweat:

@Guresuke :blobtilt: Oh it's an apartment ~ that's unexpected, it the construction over now?

@Guresuke Ah! Has summer already started there? maybe they're trying to finish before summer starts 🌞 👷 🏠


@Raizel The rainy season is still continuing.
Today is very cool (20 C now).

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