Windy morning. I couldn't get up at usual time because the futon was too comfy.

Hehe the futon and kotatsu are demon friends :blobcatowoevil:

Yup hehe, they took care of you this morning too I see :blobamused:

@Raizel The cause was rather I stayed up late at last night.

@Guresuke @Raizel

Hey Gure, what about the warrior jap guys that fought 48 hrs without resting?

You should follow their late example and dying with honour

@astheroth @Raizel The image about Japanese worker which you have is too old :blob_laughing:

Some things haven't changed! :blobcatsip:

I've been a good girl tho, I going to sleep before 11 PM every night :blobpats:

@Raizel Yet you have changed :blobwaitaminute:
I had done since childhood.

@Guresuke Well a little (insomnia gets in the way sometimes 😅

:blobopenmouth: Whoa, then that would be a very tough habit to break for Gre but not impossible, I want to think :thinking_cirno:

@Raizel Correcting this habit is impossible any longer.

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