It is said SSD is low priced now. So although I momentarily considered buying about it, I concluded I don't need it so far :thaenking:

@Guresuke Buy it so you can resell it when prices go up again 😂

@acruis Hmmn, I seem to have to throw beans to you then :blobuwu:

@Guresuke I'd much rather see the Setsubun and Ehoumaki memes and fanart continue, rather than dreaded Valentine's Day stuff DX

@acruis Ah, Ehoumaki is a fake trend which was made by trading companies. Don't swallow that, please :blobawkward:

@Guresuke ah, I thought there was tradition behind it! Time to research then~

@Guresuke Even if SSD is cheap, that alone doesn't justify buying SSD. SSD gives solid performance boost to your PC/laptop, especially older ones

@noiseofstudio Yeah, SSD is useful, and the market price of them is very low now :thinkhappy: So I considered it for an addition because actually I had already used it.

@Guresuke About time, I heard those things were bloody expensive before 🤑

Maybe Gre would buy one if the price drops even lower then put it on his PC 🖥️

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