I was really busy for company work recently. So I caught cold 😷

@Guresuke G-man!!! Take care and drink lots of water!

@acruis Hmmn, G-man? Anyway, thanks. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I was lying down almost all day because of cold.

@Guresuke Guresuke so G-man :blob_laughing: The flu has been going around for a while now, take good care of yourself :O

@acruis Haha, I see! I haven't fever so far though I feel a chill. So I hope this is a simple cold 😷

@Guresuke Sleep early and eat well. Again, drink lots of water!

@Guresuke Poor Gre, I hope the cold has improved so far 🙏

Are you staying hydrated and warm, and getting enough vitamins? 🍋 🍇 🍵

Get better soon! 😷 😣 💤

@Guresuke Yw! An apple a day keeps the doctor away 🍎

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