Got E-Ink e-reader Likebook Mars T80D :awesome: I'll be able to read manga more comfortable from now on.

Look, I'm coming to Japan and taking this from you :blobowoevil:

I love ereaders and its display is perfect for Manga. How much did it cost? :blobopenmouth:

Oh! How big is it? 馃摫
Did you want to be the same size as 10 inch tablet?

@Raizel This device has 7.8 inch display. Although once I had a 10 inch tablet, it became rubbish within about 2 years because of a breakdown after all. So understood I shouldn't buy a high cost tablet as e-reader.

@Guresuke Ah I see what you mean now :thinking_cirno:

Yeah it sucks when you don't get your money's worth on an investment 馃挻 馃

Some of them are overpriced anyway 馃槄

@Raizel However, I may have had too large ideal to E-Ink display. I feel tiredness to eyes is so not different between the previous tablet of mine and new one so far 馃槄 My eyesight is very good.

That's a tad bit disappointing then. Do you have any theories as to why there's so little difference between the 2?

Have you compared the resolutions of both devices? 馃摫

Images are a pita (pain in the ass) to view on my ereader.

Always welcome, Gre! :blobcheer2:

Coincidentally, there is a type of bread called pita, does Gre know it? :owobread:


Ah then can you eat rice every day? :blobcatowoevil:

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