Going to the exhibition went impossible because of work. Damn.


@Raizel Yeah, the chance has been lost... :blobangery:

Oh why?

Geez, has it been recorded, available for stream somewhere? 😖

Cause of the movie, I fell in love with his bodyguard 😍

@Raizel No. It was value of the exhibition that directly seeing marionettes is possible.
mmm, I have never watched the movie.

@Guresuke Right, watching the live marionette performance would be more enjoyable than watching it on TV hopefully they'll host another one soon 🙏

Why didn't Gre watch the movie? 😮

@Raizel I didn't know existence of the movie before the TV show of 2nd season starts.

Oh you didn't know they had released a movie (some time) before the 2nd season aired 📺

It happens, Gre :blobangel:

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