Today, ate curry in lunch, ate curry in dinner. I'll also want it tomorrow maybe.

@Jill Although I like curry, I didn't actually expect such situation happens :blobsweat:

@Jill Aha, no, I won't eat curry in dinner tonight 😂

@Jill Yeah. If I'm a curry enthusiast, I may want curry every day though :blob_grinning_sweat: Are you the enthusiast perhaps?

IMO, my mom makes the best chicken curry. It's even better the next day. But that's a rarity that we have anything left.

What's your favorite?

@Jill Wow, chicken curry! I feel a little now I started to be hungry 😋
My favorite curry is very spicy mushroom curry. It's actually so not yummy, but sometimes somehow I want it very much.

Spicy is always good.
Now it's getting me hungry too.
Do you put chocolate and apricot preserves in yours?

@Jill I always eat it while having a running nose because it's too spicy.

Oh, I have never thought such idea that puts sweet stuff into curry. Is it delicious? :doughcute:


You don't really taste it.
It just binds all the flavour and makes them a little smoother.
Some adds Worcestershire sauce with appricot preserve 1 tbsp each (+/- chocolate just one square) . Some might ads grated apple and honey.
Give it a try. Let me know if you like it or not.

@Jill I see. I'll need to prepare their stuff till next I want curry. Thx. Makes a memo :blobthinking:

@Jill Maybe I'll do it around 1 month later because I wouldn't like to take curry now :blobhiss:

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