The inside of a car of train is hot though the open-air is cold. sweats :blobhyperthink:

@guresuke It's starting to get really cold outside, so I have to get my Winter coat

But it's hell in the subway train, I get way too hot x_x

@coolboymew Ditto, soon I need a coat too. Moreover, yesterday the inside of a train's car which I rode on smelled. I felt maybe someone vomited at that time 🤢 Current season's train is really hell.

@guresuke The temperature went from -1C yesterday to -10C today D=

@coolboymew Oh, I feel your surroundings are already cold enough. Is it going to become colder from now on perhaps?

@guresuke Yeah, here in Québec it can go easily to -20C to -25C during the Winter. If you consider the wind chill, it can go easily to -30C on the coldest days

@coolboymew Too cooooold! :blobfearful: If I'm at your place, I would never want to go out :blob_grinning_sweat:

@guresuke  That's pretty much what I do in the winter haha

@Guresuke That sounds kinda disturbing and uncomfy....hope the train ride was short 🚆 😓

@Raizel Unfortunately I have to ride on a train around 1 hour everyday.

Oh I see then 😯

What do you typically do in that hour apart from songwriting?

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