Inside of the office is cold because our boss still uses AC.

@noiseofstudio Yep, I feel it's still kind of warm, comfy though it's gradually becoming cold (especially evening). I don't need a coat yet. How about your surroundings?

@Guresuke the temperature is fluctuating between 22oC and 28oC, walking home from the metro station makes me sweat

@noiseofstudio Eek, it's a bit hot. I guess maybe our office's temperature is near to your place now (AC stopped at last). I feel heat now too :blobhyperthink:

Oh, well I don't know enough about these things apparently :blobowoevil:

@Raizel Yep. I hope boss doesn't remember AC any longer.

@Guresuke That would be ideal🤞

I hate when ACs are too cold ☃️

@Raizel Our office building felt like the inside of a refrigerator when latest summer.

Brrr that must've felt so uncomfortable, how did you survive? 😟😦😖

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