Morning. Got up at usual time after all because the futon's power is increasing these days although I wanted to get up a bit early.

@Guresuke I've been sleeping at 10:30pm and getting up at 5:30am these days... I'm too tired to do anything at night 😱

@noiseofstudio Ohh, It's very early... We have to endure till the day after tomorrow at least :thonking:

@Guresuke it isn't getting up early that feels hard to me, but the tiredness I feel after work... literally can't do anything except watching YouTube or anime :thaenkin:

@noiseofstudio Hmmn, I guess that you concentrate all day too hard. I think you need to take more break. Can't you take power nap these days perhaps?

@Guresuke Good night! 🌚

The futon is getting as bad as kotatsu then :night:

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