Morning. Today I have to go out earlier than usual time.

@Guresuke Pretty dang close. It's 0100 here now. I have no clue why I haven't gone to bed yet! :D

@Cronurd I see. I imagine that perhaps you become active in the middle of the night as well as me XD

Lovely to hear! ☀
Over here is overcast 🌁

@Guresuke Yup but no rain fell though, bloody tease :blobowoevil:

@Guresuke Hehe I was just disappointed! :blobowoevil:

It's hot as hell right now due to a possible thunderstorm :blobsweats:

@Guresuke Last night it did, rained even :blobhappy:

This morning and afternoon were also cool too :ablobsmile:

@Raizel Good. The day before yesterday, it became hot again here.

@Guresuke Maybe the typhoon or some weather system was responsible for the heat. Hopefully today was cool for you :blobcoffee:

@Guresuke Same here, we lucked out with the weather :ablobcool:

@Raizel But humid day still continues. Today isn't so, though.

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