Morning. The typhoon went away. But summer is back today. Hot.

@Guresuke Ouch, it left heat behind, damn that typhoon 🌀

@Raizel Moreover new typhoon may come in this weekend.

How persistent! That's one annoying part of the season. Hope it weakens 🙏

@Guresuke Will watch our toots for changes! 🌀

@Raizel Holy smoke! It's going to turn to our country as I had expected :blobhyperthink:

@Guresuke Fuck! It could still weaken tho 🌀

As always hoping you and everyone there will be safe 🙏

@Raizel From the latest weather forecast, the typhoon is not going to come to my town, maybe.

@Guresuke That's encouraging, typhoon please dissipate ASAP :blobglare:

@Raizel The typhoon didn't practically damage us after all.

@Guresuke That is great new ❗

Thanks for the update! 😌

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