Had a strange dream. One day I met a one-time co-worker. He looked like fine as usual at that time. But other day, his parents told me that he committed suicide. So I was surprised :think_bread:


@amphetamine Aha, he's probably okay irl 😅 I met him 2 month ago in fact. However, I felt this dream is a sign. So I'll try to contact him after this.

@amphetamine 「逆夢(さかゆめ)」という言葉がありまして、夢の内容は現実と逆の意味を持つと言われています。だからこの夢は不気味でしたけど、実は吉兆なのかも知れません。

There is a word "逆夢". It is said a dream has opposite meaning. Therefore, this dream may be actually a good sign although this dream was scary, I think.

@Guresuke いい言葉教わりました!そうだといいですね…お祈りしてます。

@amphetamine どういたしまして!😄 そしてお気遣いありがとうございます。

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