Replaced my PC's power unit with new one. As the result, PC's condition seems to be stable since it so far. Perhaps I'll be able to resume songwriting activity from next weekend. Tired.

@Guresuke Yay the new PSU (power supply unit) did the trick, I'm glad this worked for you 💻 😌

You worked hard, hope you managed to rest after fixing it :ablobsmile:

Am sure you will this weekend 🤘 📝

@Raizel I really hope PC is truly stable. And thanks Raizel-sensei, I had wanted the phrase PSU :blobhappy:

@Guresuke 🤞 So do I, it has to!

You're most welcome Gre ! You can also use 'PS' as well 💻 😃

@Raizel Thanks for additional tip😄 Besides PC's condition is still good so far.

@Guresuke You're most welcome 😆

Seems then all your hard work paid off and you didn't have to spend as much money as you would've thought 🙌

@Raizel Yeah, I seem to have solved the trouble at last, maybe.

@Guresuke Hmm you don't seem 💯 % convinced though 🤔

@Raizel Yeah, because I couldn't completely locate about the trouble. My PC may be only keeping good condition now by chance :thounking:

@Guresuke Oh I see, you couldn't pinpoint the exact problem with the pc :blobsad:

Hopefully you're wrong and the PSU keeps it going for a long time 🤞

@Raizel I like silence when sleeping. But noisy every day :thaenkin:

@Guresuke Seems like you replied to the train toot here 🚋

No white noise apps for you then, then fans would probably bother you too?

There are noisy tenants in your apartment building? 🏘️ 🤐

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