My main PC finally died. Therefore I have to probably suspend music activity for the present :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

@Guresuke :blob_cry: it seems like the tripp to hell have to wait _ _

@faire I really dislike a time which is trying to find the cause of PC's trouble. I feel it's very wasteful time 😩
* sigh *

@Guresuke Yes it is, but sometimes you can save money if you know what piece exactly is broken. But it's tedious _ _

@faire Yeah, you're right. However, sooner or later the PC's lifetime seems to end even if the trouble didn't happen now because I had already used the PC while 7 years. So I thought a renewal.

@Guresuke After 7 years usually something goes bad ^^'. Mine is more or less 7 years too, and I feel like I need an upgrade, everything is still working ok, but sometimes I feel a bit resourceless.
Looking the bright side new hardware is like a new world to discover, and if you are lucky another 7 years without buying a single piece ^_-

@faire Yeah, I'd like to really renew the PC. However, I'm still worrying at the same time, I want to save money if it's possible 😅 So last night I tested memories and then ordered only a power unit first of all. There were no errors in memories. Although I try to replace a power unit, yet if problem doesn't improve as the result, I will surely renew the PC.

@Guresuke 🤞 I hope the memories works and u can run that machine a little longer. Saving money is always best ^_-

@faire Thx. Any way I'd like to improve this stressful problem as soon as possible :thinknyan:

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