Time to go to the office. Today is a cool day.

@Guresuke Gee, humidity is always the killer, isn't it 😓

At least it gets the clothes dried 😆

@Raizel Yeah, I can't live without a furo everyday in summer :blobsweat:

@Guresuke It is a must, you'd be too miserable otherwise 😮

@Guresuke I bet ~
heard that's normal during winter too ❄️ 🌨️ ☃️

@Guresuke Are you that eager to build a snowman, jk ☃️ 🤞

@Guresuke I'd love that or just seeing images of snow in general, it looks so pretty :blobwoah:

@Raizel I'll show a just only white picture at that time :blobowoevil:

@Guresuke Wicked 😇 😆

Then would you show me a brown picture if I wanted to see autumn leaves too? 🍂

@Guresuke hehe looks like that went way over my head :blobsweats:

Scary hehe, so you will be busy during Halloween :blobeyes:

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