I feel new song is very melancholy, is like scenes of winter so far. I don't know the theme of the lyrics which she will write from now on, though :thinking_rms:

@Guresuke Winter has come early then in a sense ~ sounds like a very pleasant mystery for you :blobaww:

@Raizel I'm fond of new one of course. But since it's really melancholic, some people may not like about the song.

@Guresuke I'm sure people will love it and it's great you're both trying something different! 😃

@Raizel Yeah, I must keep to challenge to find excitement for myself 🤘

@Guresuke These challenges bring you much excitement huh? That's so interesting :blobaww:

@Raizel Yep. I would not like to repeat same work. Therefore I always should keep to advance even if it is not popular.

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