Worked hard today. New song's structure almost completed as the result at last.

@Guresuke お疲れ 、ぐれ :blobcheer2: 🤘 🎵 📝

It must be so rewarding to see everything fall into place, after so much hard work :ablobsmile:

@Raizel It has turned into too hard work because of PC's trouble :thinknyan: :oh_no_bubble:

@Guresuke Oh dear, I'm sorry :blobsad:

Will you be able to repair the PC or does this mean buying a new one?

@Raizel I'm recognising that is a hardware trouble, and guess that the lifetime came to an end. Because the PC already spent around 7 years as far as I remember. In fact, I had seen it often had bad condition this year. Anyhow I need to finally re-set up Windows. Therefore in that case I should buy new one after all. But wallet is desolate now 😩

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