@Guresuke Is this another chain thing or are you shitposting? :blobowoevil:

@Guresuke lol that was the last thing I expected :blobcoffee:

Didn't know you were a coffee drinker, I thought you didn't drink it for some reason :blobowoevil:

@Raizel Haha, I take one non-sugar coffee every time when I just arrived at the office although I don't so like coffee.

@Guresuke Oh I see, it helps you to stay alert/wake up then? ☕

@Guresuke Ah then I just learnt something new about you then 😁 ☕

@Raizel Hehe, btw I so don't often drink sake, actually.

@Guresuke Oh ~ only on special occasions then? 🍶

@Raizel Yep, mostly I take sake in consecutive holiday.

@Guresuke Hmm I wonder then when the next one one will be 🍶

@Raizel I may want to drink sake in this weekend or next one.

@Guresuke Hehe then does that mean cloudy sake again? 🍶

@Guresuke Yay I remembered :blobcheer2:

How much does the cheapest bottle of it cost ❓ 💴

@Guresuke Oh that doesn't sound bad then 🍶 😄

@Raizel But I'm actually worrying now which do I take between curry and sake :blobhyperthink:

@Guresuke Votes for curry 🍛

You'd need food to pair with sake?

Or go with what's cheaper?

*wonders what you'll choose*

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