Thought that I have overlooked previous episode when I watched latest EP of Lord of Vermilion 🤔

@Guresuke I guess the pace was very fast! Is the anime decent? I wanted to check it out.

@Raizel Ah, I really don't recommend the anime. Seiyu is only gorgeous 😓

@Guresuke Oh I hate when it comes down to that, life is too short for that ~ thanks for the warning, Gre 😌

@Guresuke That's great! Do you know how many eps Anglois will have?

I might marathon it at the end 💻

@Raizel The anime will have 12 or 13 eps.
The latest ep's pictures were unfortunately bad :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

@Guresuke Oh wow, I thought it would have at least 25 eps 😓

Eek the animation quality dipped this week, do you think they rushed it? ب_ب

@Raizel Well, total volumes of the manga is only 9 so far.

Yep. I guess schedule is perhaps tight. It may be revised when it is going to be released as a BD/DVD :thinknyan:

@Guresuke Oh Anglois' manga is still publishing huh? 😮

Maybe so, and I do hope so, it would feel like a rip off to buy a BD disc if they didn't fix the animation. 😦

:thinknyan: I like this emoji

@Raizel Well, I don't pay attention to it after all since I don't buy it, though.

I like this :blobhyperthink:

@Guresuke Ah gotcha, you have to really like a series to buy the discs then :think_bread:

That one looks good, let me try it too :blobhyperthink:

Emoji are too much fun to use :blob_laughing:

@Raizel Yeah, if a series is fantastic, and I have a lot of money I would like to buy.

I wonder at who invented the blob Emoji in the first place :thinking_rms: :blobthinkingeyes: :blobhyperthink:

I want to say you're a great otaku for doing so but you might disagree with the sentiment :blobowoevil:

That's a great question, I managed to find a site with the standard emoji - :blobeyes:

@Raizel Yeah, the road to otaku champ is extremely hard. Therefore the title isn't proper for me.

That site looks like interesting. Thanks for sharing. mmm however, where is roots of the blob Emoji then? :blobthinking:

@Guresuke I don't doubt you for a second but for me, you're the closest contender for that title :ablobsmile:

You're welcome! Beats me, since they also describe the standard emoji as blob Emoji too.

I will have to do some research mmm

@Raizel However, Raz probably liked Kazi as far as I remember, doesn't she?

@Guresuke Yes I love Kaji now 😍

But I don't think he's voicing anyone from the 2 series that I'm currently watching :blobsad:

How many roles does Hayamin have this season? 😄

@Raizel Hmmn, why don't you watch Snk then?

In this season, Hayamin also doesn't almost perform within anime which I'm watching. Perhaps she seem to be focusing to create own songs now.

@Guresuke Well I'm weird, it made me feel sick seeing the giants eat people 🕳️ 😊

Then that might mean a new CD for Gre's collection, hope you'll enjoy her new songs 🎵 🎧

@Raizel Ah, it's understandable. However, not watching the work may be to your disadvantage as it is. mottainai! :blobthinkingeyes:

Yeah, her new song is going to be released next month :blobuwu:

@Guresuke Hehe it might be but I'm willing to accept this loss 😅

August is ending soon, you be so excited 😆 🎧

@Raizel Well, people's liking is each different 👌

Moreover, it has been decided that the new album is going to be released the end of this year :awesome:

@Guresuke Well said Gre :ablobsmile:

Oh so Hayamin's new album will be a late Christmas present for you, how lovely 🎄 🎁 🔔

@Raizel Well, I wish I'll be able to survive enough till that time :thaenking:

@Guresuke Don't make it sound like you plan to disappear 😨

Gre will survive, he has too 🆗

@Raizel Yeah, I must write songs still more and more, and then make an album.

@Guresuke That's the spirit, can't wait for you to reach those goals 👌

I made 'To Ember' phone #2's ringtone and my mother loved it 📱

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