Thanks for waiting. We released second song! 🤘

お待たせ。二作目リリースしたよ! 🤘

@Guresuke @Nightingalle
And what a fabulous song it is! Very much worth the wait!

Thank you very much! I'm really glad!

早速聴いてくださってありがとうございます! 本当に嬉しいです!


@Guresuke @Nightingalle I will listen many times more :)
I feel very lucky to know such talented musicians.

@Guresuke @Nightingalle I'm speechless -- your new Work is beyond my wildest expectations. Truly you have created a Masterwork!
You. Are. Wonderful!!!!

@Eidon @Guresuke Hey Eidon thanks for the compliment and all the faith you have in us XD

@Nightingalle @Guresuke How can one not be a believer, when confronted with so much wonder!? It's only normal to have faith in IoI, Hime-sama 😀

@Eidon @Guresuke the most poetic way of putting it, how impressive and kind XD

@Eidon Thanks for listening! I was relieved because Eidon-san favored this new song 😄


@Guresuke @Nightingalle It is I who needs to thank the both of You.

You know how much I adore Japan. One of the reasons for that is evident-it is in front of me: Japan means to me coupling unique Talent with Hard Work. It's the awareness that BOTH are needed if one wants to reach "the next level"-overcoming oneself, doing the "plus ultra". And this is what you do with IoI. It's the quintessential Japanese to me. And it's also an "admonishment" to me-it tells me "Hard work, Eidon, plus ultra!"

@Eidon @Nightingalle I'm a lazy guy. But your continuous cheering made realization of my song possible :blobcheer2:

@Guresuke @Nightingalle Omg I'm deeply honored by what you say! Thank you so much Guresuke-san!! 🙇

@Guresuke @Nightingalle

I had as much pleasure in listening it as you in creating it.
Congratulations you two.

To the sky and belond !

@cafou @Guresuke Impeccable taste in music you have XD Merci!!
Yes to the art and beyond!


He he he isn'it ?
No no no Merci to you ! You deserve a great bravo !

Count me as a support . By the way , did you a page for donations ?

@cafou @Guresuke haha I am going to celebrate by drinking orange juice XD

No we didn't~


A glass of orange juice is not enough. I suggest a pool of orange juice!

Well It is not absolutely necessary for the moment. Of course you did for fun.
But maybe someday you need extra money for organizing concert, international tour and finally conquering the world....
Well I joke a bit but If can help :)


@cafou @Guresuke
Well then I need to invite people to come and join this orange feast! Care to have a quarter of the pool? XD

True wisdom weaved among good jokes XD Thanks a lot for the advice!

@Nightingalle @Guresuke

Party hard with orange juiiiiice 😎
With pleasure my dear XD

I imagine you and Guresuke-san as scene partener. Oh la la should be so great.

Until that moment I can help by mirroring your website through my server.

@cafou @Guresuke
Raise a glass to the man who proposed this fantastic party design XD

Oh forgive my ignorance but how does that work?

@Nightingalle @Guresuke

I raised my glassed to talented people I had the chance to know XD
Long life to "Illusion Of Ideal"!

Sorry my bad. Mirroring is not the exact term. But here the general idea : with your consent I download profile pic and songs and then I expose a website that stream your songs like pawoo did.
The website is hosted on my server.
It offers redundancy and a faster acces to your creations.

@cafou Thanks for the offer. However, my server which I'm renting has enough margin so far because our project and listeners are still small. So if the project would become very big and need more server resource, we will depend on you in fact. We really appreciate your kindness 😄


@cafou Thank you very much! If this song will help to beat off hot summer from you, I'm very glad 🤘



Without a doubt !
I feel metal spirit runnning into my veins.


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