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Thanks for waiting. We released second song! 🤘

お待たせ。二作目リリースしたよ! 🤘

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I formed a music unit with Nightingalle.


Today, ate curry in lunch, ate curry in dinner. I'll also want it tomorrow maybe.

Time to go to the office. Today I'll be a little busy.

ok so its technically tomorrow but anyway here's me doing some voices and silly faces

dedicated to mastodon's synthpop musicians

#fediplay #creativetoots #metal

The inside of a car of train is hot though the open-air is cold. sweats :blobhyperthink:

Tomorrow I'll have to get up early. Goodnight

Dreamt a nightmare. In the nightmare, somehow I became a zombie and then was killed more while feeling a pain.

A sequel to The Reflection is not going to be made any longer?

My room/kotatsu station pic, taken today.
Entire room is approximately 9.2m² (100ft²), I'm have my back against the rear corner as I took the pic.
In weeb terms, this would be the perfect size for a 6-tatami (6.0J) room.

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