I finished it. I don't think it was very good, but it in all honesty isn't on the status of truly awful. The bad was how annoying it was, the good was the sense that it took next to none of itself seriously.

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One small step for man, one giant stumble for mankind.

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Il commence à m'emmerder celui-là avec ces challenges à la con 😼😼

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also the ikea death toll passed 1,000 in italy

boy scouts - gender exclusive, toxic, going bankrupt because of abuse allegations

girl scouts - gender inclusive, positive, still have dank ass cookies

Just read the news that the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy. My feelings for this in one word is "Schadenfreude".

Just saw Rise of Skywalker. All around I was kinda disappointed by it. It had some fun parts, but I didn't really like how the story went.

we aren't addicted to services; we just really like human connection and tech companies are devilishly desperate to monopolize that experience

“Crypto” currencies ruin everything they get near.

Just finished watching the season finale of Last Week Tonight. Xenu next season!

I just saw the Konosuba movie. It was pretty good.

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