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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

I just tasted DIY vegan cheese from a startup I just met. It was delicious.

I really love reactive and declarative syntax. This snippet of code does 7 things:

1. Downloads a page from a paging API
2. Serializes the body
3. Saves the link to the next page
4. Takes the body and creates a stream of multiple list items
5. Maps each of those items to database entities
6. Saves all of those to a database
7. Waits for everything to complete, all without blocking any threads, before handling the next page

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In my latest exam there was a multiple choice question about where it would be appropriate to keep comments after completing a software project. I hate that kind of question, because it really boils down to circumstance and preference, and I didn't agree with any of the 6 answers.

Why would you even remove comments before release?

When production performance starts acting up for no apparent reason :blobsweat:

It's great that I have been given all of January to focus on 4 exams, but I have a really hard time doing anything productive. Weekends are especially tough, because I'll be sitting at home instead of the office :blobdead:

Recently I have been intrigued by the prospect of traveling around European cities alone next summer. Apparently it's cheap to just tour around central Europe by bus. I have friends in a few European cities, and it could be fun to visit them.

Defeating Google's ReCaptcha using Google's own voice API :blobeyes:

An unexpected feature of my new-ish apartment is that a few times a year, the 36 tenants of the building are invited to dinner at a restaurant at the housing corporation's expense. I'm surprised the housing corporation doesn't just pocket the money instead. I wonder if this is normal, as I have never lived as a tenant before.

Me: "It's time to take the train home to Funen"
Meanwhile on train line:

Heck I'm curious if it will even be able to collect screenshots and clipboard data from xorg. I'm even tempted to run this thing under Wayland.

My university has a proprietary exam monitor that I have to run, which uses the long deprecated Java Webstart. This thing could be as old as from 2006, and the UI hardly works.

I wonder if it is time to finally exercise my GDPR rights for insight and erasure. Ironically, this monitor is managed by the local data protection agency.

I have mixed feelings about the holidays. Even though I am visiting my parent's house and doing almost nothing productive all day, I still feel stressed.

Maybe I just have trouble winding down from self-employed work, or perhaps it is from seeing my mom working her ass off both at work and at home.

I sure am happy that I got to the train station early when going home for Christmas. The terminals on the platforms to check-in one's RFC travel card were unresponsive. I had to go to a vending machine instead, and later directed another 7-ish confused strangers as well.

Why does this have to happen on one of Denmark's biggest transit days?

Drinking free beer for the third day in a row, each from 3 different organizations. That's a pretty interesting coincidence considering that these 3 events are unrelated.

I'm tempted to get into functional programming. I mostly work with , which has given me a bit of a taste for .

Any recommendations on guides and languages?

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I'm tempted to get a server to act as a dedicated docker daemon. My work involves a of docker containers to just run in the background, and they are rather slow to start.

It's annoying to deal with SSH tunnels though. I wonder if there is a more elegant approach to connecting the two machines.

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