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I got really bored so I wrote a simple dithering tool in Kotlin. It is surprising how little loss you get when reducing an image to 8 colors. Source code:

@Miaourt you're not secretly stealing my data, are you? :blobcatsipsweats:

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

My laptop's wifi driver suddenly started crashing and generally not working. A reboot did not fix.

A system upgrade fixed it. Good thing I always carry around a recovery flash drive in my wallet.

TIL: Unicode has a codepoint for a type of Danish publicly traded company: ⅍


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I told my mom I wanted a teapot for Christmas, and I think I know *exactly* which one she might give me

I just learned that phone books still exist. Do people still use these?

Ironically I think I am only receiving this year's issue because I opted out of advertisements. The distribution company packaged this book specifically to my address.

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Guys don't bother leaving tonight you still have a few months to make the switch. If you go too fast, you may end up regretting it.

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For people that move already, please don't delete your account ASAP for obvious reasons, I wouldn't be able to build a "where you went" page if you remove your account from here, since it will act as a reference for me to verify you are you :o

RIP niu

Pleroma doesn't support account migration, does it?

Today in Denmark, it is a tradition to eat a small feast consisting of duck 🦆

Why duck? Because of the legend of some traitorous geese.

Yes, we know that ducks and geese are not the same :blobcatshrug:

Reviewing pull requests can be so exhausting. Just added 22 new comments to an incoming PR.

My Halloween costume this year is “dude with scary red eyes”.

Except it's too late for Halloween and I think I have an eye infection.

Watching the sunrise as I cross one of the longest bridge connections in the world :blobcatmorning:

I had to get up early in the morning because I'm going to a conference. The bicycling trip to the bus was extremely cold. I couldn't find my gloves and my saddle was frozen.

It wasn't all bad though. When I arrived at dawn I saw a large flock of migrating black birds.

Just had a weird exchange with someone calling my apartment by the door. She was looking for an address within this house number which doesn't exist, for an older-sounding guy that was recently discharged from hospital.

This is a student apartment building.

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