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> introduction thing <

i'm some socially awkward autist guy who likes cartoons. i do some programming and when i'm bored i make song mashups. oh and i'm bi.

i can have a cynical side, to a fault. especially when it comes to politics. so if that's not your thing, i can understand. i do have a soft side, tho, and generally i'll listen to anyone as long as they're not being too dickish.

angry birds movie 2 is out in britbong land and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

so glad these qts have a new movie!

sorta political i guess? 

me before gentoo: this is too much for my brain x_x

me after gentoo: i don't wanna use arch anymore

Wish the Matrix overlay I'm using would stop bringing in Noto Emoji as a dependency when I wanna use Blobmoji or Twemoji.

this evangelion/shin godzilla crossover lookin good

you weebs have your waifus
meanwhile this qt is my husbando

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@Flaky yeah.

It's hot out there! Stay hydrated and safe in this heatwave!

For some reason the unofficial Gentoo Riot package I'm using brings in Noto Emoji as a dependency. I use Twemoji or Blobmoji instead (not a fan of non-Blob emojis unless it's Twitter's - I mean, even Mastodon uses Twemoji!)

Thankfully removing it doesn't break anything.

*begrudgingly pre-orders tetris effect on the epic games store*

I think Niu is the only site I allow notifications on...

should probably install a CJK font...

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Hey Linux peeps!

I want to ask you guys what you think of OpenRC and systemd, seeing as they're the big two service management apps on Linux.

also i just realised niu changed its character limit to 1337

Honestly, when things started working... it was oddly fun!

GNOME feels a lot smoother on Gentoo than on Arch. Like... buttery smooth. Like smooth buttocks.
I can only assume that's because with Gentoo, you only compile the things _you_ need whereas Arch compiles everything to support all configs.

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