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> introduction thing <

i'm some socially awkward autist guy who likes cartoons. i do some programming and when i'm bored i make song mashups. oh and i'm bi.

i can have a cynical side, to a fault. especially when it comes to politics. so if that's not your thing, i can understand. i do have a soft side, tho, and generally i'll listen to anyone as long as they're not being too dickish.

>Linux has decent native Emoji support, including a certain type of colour Emoji

>someone is keeping the blob dream alive by forking Google's newer emoji sets and adding new blob designs

I'm in love 😍

"Runaway" from Krewella is actually a good example of adapting The Synthwave Sound with hard-hitting electro sounds, and it's one of Krewella's best tracks this year.

I like it when people put their own spin on the whole synthwave sound. Unlike certain EDM genres like hardstyle, synthwave has a lot more room for experimentation and adaptation.

Com Truise is one obvious example, of course.

I like synthwave but I wish Spotify would stop recommending it to me.

The majority of the synthwave it recommends to me sound very uninspired.

Did Mastodon update while I was gone?

Tried some Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla today. It's fucking amazing.

Why has America become better than Britain with soft drinks? Fuck aspartame. I'd rather have the corn syrup in this.

i love reignited spyro so much aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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I always think of Throwing a virgin into a volcano when I fall asleep.

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I wasn't intending to stick to Intel, buuuut my motherboard cross-threaded into my case, so...

before i go to sleep i'm going to watch this rich guy order a tim horton's

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Just finished Tetris Effect's Journey Mode.


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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !