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> introduction thing <

i'm some socially awkward autist guy who likes cartoons. i do some programming and when i'm bored i make song mashups. oh and i'm bi.

i can have a cynical side, to a fault. especially when it comes to politics. so if that's not your thing, i can understand. i do have a soft side, tho, and generally i'll listen to anyone as long as they're not being too dickish.

apparently artifact's twitch page is so dead people are literally streaming movies

someone is literally streaming harry potter on there

Wait a minute. I swooned over sentient arcade machines today.

And a song called Arcade won Eurovision this year.

...shoulda put money on that.

wonder if the UK woulda banned the icelandic performance at this year if they could.

the BBFC hates BDSM.

Not a bad selection of songs, though some of them either went into "we're trying to copy that dancehall EDM sound" or "we're trying to go anthemic" for me.

I'm tuning out. It's gonna be virtue-signalling cheesy bluff while they get the votes in so, eh.

If you're going to avoid everything that's problematic, be prepared to avoid basically everything and live alone in seclusion.

that projector beaming at her face must've blinded her for a bit

Me: [why can Azerbaijan get lasers but the UK got a naff display?]

My friend: that's what you get when you as a nation wonder if you have to ask your baby permission to change the diapers

another track taking a leaf out of the dancehall book. but it's got character this time so.

This sounds like a song from an Avicii album.

This is definitely going to be a memorable one.

this instrumental is budget madeon WHAT IS GOING ON

Eh, it's okay. I've definitely heard better anthemic pop.

I generally like dance-pop so this is alright for me.

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