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> introduction thing <

i'm some socially awkward autist guy who likes cartoons. i do some programming and when i'm bored i make song mashups. oh and i'm bi.

i can have a cynical side, to a fault. especially when it comes to politics. so if that's not your thing, i can understand. i do have a soft side, tho, and generally i'll listen to anyone as long as they're not being too dickish.

if anyone has a time machine can i use it to go back to june 23rd 2016 and tell my past self to vote leave

i actually fully regret voting to remain in the EU now :/

fucking hell, OCD is the worst. it's like i've got a stubborn program crashing in my head and not even reporting the crash helps.

god bless the arch user repo

it's not perfect but i managed to find a working version of a CD ripper i wanted thanks to them (the ripper i was using doesn't like my drive's offset)

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twitter now bans you for posting shocked pikachu apparently

tell me that's fake

wait since when did mastodon get better embeds for youtube and spotify

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Such a brilliant album. Saw these live last month supporting CHVRCHES. c:

i memed it up to a friend of mine and they made this in response

wait i didn't know mastodon supported webm

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wanna go back to ryzen, but i need to buy new parts:

- DDR4 RAM (overpriced rn)
- Ryzen CPU (wanna get a ryzen 7)
- AM4 Motherboard (open to recommendations, Z370 specifically)

God bless the person that made an AUR package for a native Deezer client for Linux.

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Been getting used to AwesomeWM. It's what I want in a window manager, even if it is a bitch to set up and program at first.

i swear going on twitter makes my autism worse

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !